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Our Brand

our forward-looking strategy, professional R&D, scientific management and high standard of manufacture for over a decade, SFE Communications has built its own stable brand and have a group of loyal customers. We believe that superior quality is the cornerstone of enterprise, which has helped to build a good reputation in the field of two-way communications. We will keep on self-improving to provide customers with top quality and an excellent service.

Brand Source  

According to ancient legend, the meaning of “
SHUNFENGER” is a person who can hear voices a long way off”, both the character “SHUNFENGER” in “Pilgrimage to the West” and the character “GAOJUE” in “Senkaiden Houshin Engi” are representatives of “SHUNFENGER”.  SFE is an abbreviation of “SHUNFENGER”. Our company is a professional manufacturer specialized in two-way communication products, our brand named SFE means that SFE products are superbly clear and have strong audio output.

Brand Logo  
The form of the four round dots in our logo is similar to a wireless signal transmission from small to big or from weak to strong. The right part of the Logo is similar to a person’s ear, which means a strong and clear signal is received. In the pursuit of a higher and further level of excellence, the design of the logo is simple, easy to understand and close to the industry.
SFE is derived from the letters in “SHUNFENGER”, and is also the first letters of the company’s long-term vision and brand management concept:
Brand Concept  

Scientific Management:
Adopting an advanced international management experience, fulfilling enterprise management system, creating and operating targets & planning efficiently, SFE has a stable development.
Focus on Innovation:
Dedicated exploration, sustained innovation commitment, market oriented, industry development focused on the adoption of world leading technology, makes SFE Communications a modern high-tech enterprise.
Excellence – targeted:
Superior quality, excellent service, trusted brand and high expectation will lead to win-win cooperation.